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About the Podcast

This show features real stories of success in life, love, and business.   


Are you ready to break through the barriers keeping you from moving forward with passion and purpose?

This is NO TIME to listen to naysayers or wonder if it’s even possible to let what you love be what you DO.


Join me, Lisa Malcom, a believer in you, as I connect you to the unstoppables — the go-getters, the change-makers and the ones who took a chance on living their best life by doing what they love.  

If you’re ready to hear real stories and  A-HA moments from everyday success stories, Kick in the Yes is the show for you.

About The Host

Hi, I'm Lisa Malcom.  I'm an entrepreneur, modern-day marketer, and strategist living in beautiful Key West, Florida.   For the last nine years, I've been working one on one helping unique brands share their message and stories online.  In the process, I've met some really cool "every day" people along the way whose unique stories might just inspire you to Kick in the Yes! Check out the podcast to listen to these conversations.  
Till then, remember to knock out the no and tune into success! 

What's  the 'aha' moment   that  changed your life?

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