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Wine and Wellness

Let's talk wine, wellness and how this journey has opened up new opportunities in personal development and personal growth.

20 Planning Tips for 2020

Put pen to paper and implement these 20 planning tips..that will help you get organized, focused and one step closer to reaching your goals.

Let's Talk Travel

Let's Talk Travel and find out how we can all live well and travel often with travel expert Stephanie Goldberg-Glazer.

Who Inspires You?

Beautiful minds inspire others, who inspires you? I reached out to my recent guests and created a show that takes a look at the question,...

Life After 15 Years with Bravo!

Layoffs, Aging Out and What's Next! Having to figure out what’s next after a long career with the same company is stressful and...

How to get Clarity of Purpose

Are you currently in the process of trying to figure out your next, maybe a little stuck on the direction you want to take? In this...

How to Plan for Success

How to Plan for Success with my guest Alex Stern, best selling author and founder of MY PA Planner, your personal assistant and the...

What it's all about!

My name is Lisa Malcom, and I'm the host of Kick in the Yes Podcast. The show features real stories of success in life, love, and...