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Health Over Hustle with Berni Xiong

In this episode, Lisa talks with Berni Xiong about how she chose health over hustle after she clocked out of a toxic work environment and her journey to finding a dream job where work-life balance matters. Berni shares her personal story including the YES moment that changed it all.

Why health over hustle is a mantra I carry with me.

It has a lot to do with my health issues in the past as well as the health issues of family members, and how that really played into my psyche in terms of what am I prioritizing? And why do I think that delivering this thing to a customer right now at this moment is way more important than being sane and healthy and present for the people who matter to me most?

I said never again, I will never go back to an organization unless it values my freedom and flexibility to choose my health over the hustle and 100%. That's, that's what I found.

What does it look like to work for a company that cares?

Is it possible to find a company that cares? What does that even look like? Lisa and Berni talk about her role with Agile Six and this new experience where the work culture is a healthy one and you are encouraged to show up as your whole self, be authentic, share your wisdom, knowledge, and strengths and do meaningful work.

Berni Xiong talks health over hustle and work-life balance on Kick in the Yes Podcast.

When I heard about agile six, it was the things that you wouldn't expect to hear - you're going to be a self manager, we want you to have the autonomy to work the way you need to, we're going to hire you because we believe in you, and we trust you. That was number one, the first thing I heard and I was like, Okay!
I have been actually able to show up even more authentic and more whole than I ever thought I would be able to be.

Berni has always been passionate about working on projects that make an impact, not noise and I"m glad she has found a place to do just that!

Topics Discussed:

Health over Hustle Why I left a toxic workplace environment

What it's like to work for a company that cares What is wholeness

Work-Life Balance Her Role at Agile Six

Remote Work Authenticity Purpose Meaningful Work

About Berni Xiong

Berni has a strong business and development background. She is a coach, trainer, learning and development consultant and currently works as a Senior Instructional Designer & Content Strategist at Agile SIx. Reach out to Berni on LinkedIn or Twitter.


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