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The Danger Of People Pleasing

In this episode, Lisa talks with Resa Eisen, MSW., RSW a clinical social worker, therapist, mediator, and conflict resolution specialist with over 40 years of experience in dealing with clients.

Find out why Lisa calls Resa "the Dr. Ruth of Conflict" as they discuss the dangers of people-pleasing, the conflicts it creates, and how we can change patterns for healthier relationships in work and life.

Resa Eisen, The Danger of People Pleasing, Kick in the Yes Podcast
Resa Eisen, MSW., RSW

"That's a very real symptom of being a people pleaser is you're just spent."

Topics Discussed

People Pleasing



Life Patterns How do we release the need to please?

Resa shares tips, and real stories about how people-pleasing affects us in work and life.

About Resa

Resa is a Clinical Social Worker, Therapist, Mediator, and Conflict Resolution Specialist, s Lisa calls her the “Dr. Ruth” of Conflict - in practice for 40 plus years, working with clients who come to her in various states of distress because of a conflict within a marriage, a family, with teenage kids or aging parents, in a business and workplace, and how these conflicts cause internal, personal and emotional unhappiness and stress; healing the pain due to conflict; change patterns and change relationships. Resa Eisen, MSW., RSW, President of Marathon Mediation and in Private practice in Toronto, Canada. A Transformative Leader | Relationship Expert | Mediator | Therapist *** ASK RESA ABOUT THE SELF IN RELATIONSHIP WORKSHOP ***

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