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Share Knowledge. Get Paid for It. Yes, You Can!

In this episode, Lisa talks with Maxine Cunningham, C E O of Pick My Brain, about how she's created the first knowledge marketplace and the tech tool that is changing the way we do business by exploring our passions, knowledge, and getting paid for it!

Imagine a marketplace as big as Amazon, only, instead of buying outsourced products, you are buying conversations, private sessions. monthly retainers and other unique knowledge-based services from the world's most interesting people. This is Pick My Brain and I'm thrilled to announce it is now open to everyone and gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge and get paid for it. Sounds good. Right?

A new economy with new rules is emerging! The time is now for you to let the world know they can now formally book and pay you for your time, knowledge, experience, ideas, wisdom, energy, passions, and unique offers!

Share knowledge. Get Paid. Build a Pick My Brain Profile!

Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain
Meet Maxine Cunningham, CEO of Pick My Brain

Let's find out more about Max and Pick My Brain

Max is an Investment banker turned economist, turned environmental economist, turned startup founder, and CEO of Pick My Brain.

Max is a genius and has created this amazing tool to help us share our passion with the world and get paid for it! Pick My Brain is the tool you need to build your dream business - forget about the website and all the extras that come with it because here's the entire tech stack that allows you to be online, to be bookable, to display your skills, to have reviews, to have a digital identity and to package and price. You are building a business and that's what Pick My Brain can do for you!

Pick My Brain is where people like you and me (we call them Brains) go to sell, share & exchange their knowledge. It's the place to build a business, browse and buy knowledge, create connections, community and success.

Max has helped over 200+ unique individuals - from ALL walks of life - think of new ways to package, price, sell and share their knowledge with others. Let's look at Max's own success using the Pick My Brain Platform - learned how to generate anywhere between $250 to $18,000 a month selling her own knowledge-based services.

I focus on increasing my clients ROL (return on life) and their ROI (return on investment)

Now is a great time to dabble In entrepreneurship!

I really believe that everyone's got to learn how to be entrepreneurial in this new age.

I see more people moving over to entrepreneurship and here's a great entry point. Start with Pick My Brain and let Max and the team help you because she'll give you the tool, the marketplace, the discoverability, the community, and networking events. Wait, there's more! Honestly, the team is also going to make you really cool content because we've seen how hard it is for such brilliant people to let people know that this asset now exists.

My Mission with Pick My Brain is to make the world's brains more creatively available, accessible, and useful to us all. And what's a brain, a brain is just someone who wants to share what they know with someone else formally and get paid for it!

I help smart and ambitious people from all around the world creatively package, price, and sell knowledge they ALREADY have in new and creative ways on their own independent terms using a tool I built called Pick My Brain.~ Maxine Cunningham

It's time to Build a Business and for $1,000 a year and this is what you'll get:

Premium concierge business support

  • Want us to help keep your website/profile up to date?

  • Want us to help you build out your packages?

  • Want us to help you create some new content to market yourself on social media?

  • Want us to invite you to 12 x networking events every year to help sell your services?

  • Want us to write a blog/interview you for a podcast/record a video with you once a year?

Premium Support Package | Find out more about how you can build a business and get premium concierge business support along the way for just $1000 a year! Learn more.

3 Pillars of Pick My Brain

Knowledge Profile, Knowledge Marketplace, Curated Community

Knowledge profile, Marketplace, and Community are the three pillars that you need to create a new economy. Those are the three pillars that are going to help you be most successful in launching an independent revenue stream or a business. And those are the three pillars that Pick My Brain offers you for a really low fee of $30, a month.

Lisa Malcom has a Pick My Brain Profile and continues to build new offers, create new relationships and find ways to continue sharing her love of storytelling. Check out Lisa's Pick My Brain Profile!

Connect with Maxine Cunningham

Visit Maxine Cunningham's Pick My Brain profile, view her creative offers, learn and see how Max and the team can help you build your profile!

Browse the Brains, click here.

Visit Pick My Brain Online at

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