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The Future of Work in the Era of New Possibilities

Have you wondered what the future of work looks like? More importantly, what does it look like when you put people first and what would it take for workplaces to be the places where people really thrive, where they find and connect to their purpose where human relationships matter and the workplace actively supports personal growth?

In this episode, Lisa talks with Christine Hildebrand, and Wendy Horng Brawer, co-founders of Intune Collective about how their business and the business of being human has an impact on our future as we enter the era of new possibilities.

Christine Hildebrand and Wendy Horng Brawer, Co-Founders of Intune Collective | Kick in the Yes Podcast
Christine Hildebrand and Wendy Horng Brawer, Co-Founders of Intune Collective

The Era of New Possibilities

Imagine what we can have vs. what we can't

This is a time a tremendously dynamic time on the planet, the era of new possibilities is an orientation for CEOs and leadership teams, and organizations to look toward what is the possibility because if we are reinventing now if this is reinvention time, then we can wipe the slate clean, and imagine what we can have versus what we can't, this is a time of tremendous healing too because we have all of these divides that are happening - economic divides, spiritual divides, racial divides, environmental, We have an opportunity here, and this is what in tune helps organizations do, we help them ground into their reason for being what their core purposes, what they want to create, as a leadership team and unify around a common purpose. If we do that, as human beings, the sky's the limit, the opportunities, and the possibilities are endless, but it requires everybody to come together and orient themselves toward this unity, and then originate solutions, maybe from different places than they had originally thought. And certainly different from how we have been operating in the past.

Leadership and The Future of Work

The capacity of an organization cannot grow larger than the capacity of its leaders, which means that the future of work definitely has an orientation and an emphasis on developing the capacity of human beings.

Investment in Human Beings

The future of work requires an investment in the human beings that are leading and if you make this investment, and you shift from that orientation of authoritative - I'm carrying all the stress of the organization - to more of a holistic - everybody has a place at the table and we all have to make this work - some of that stress can be carried by others.

Giving everyone a seat at the table

If everyone has a place at the table, then you're actually pulling in diversity inclusion as well, you're allowing more diverse voices at the table that you might not otherwise have had. You're also gaining from having the value of diverse perspectives - so now you have more people looking at how you might solve a problem together.

When talking about the future of work, mining intelligence at all levels of the organization, so everyone has a place at the table is that it flattens out the organizational structure.

I think CEOs are taking some more time and listening to the grassroots, and really designing to blend and merge both the C-suites needs and what the employees need. So that it's a collaborative spirit effort in the design of what's to come. And that takes a letting go and a shedding of that CEO style. If it's not your normal style, ~ Wendy Horng Brawer

We must take care of our people

Sometimes the business of being human is a messy job. We don't want to do the work. Don't tell me about uncomfortable things, thoughts, feelings that I need to face. Don't tell me as a CEO that I need to care for my employees in order to get performance out of them. Why can't they just perform? It's not that simple. And it's not that way, really, we have to do the work as human beings, because this is life class, right? Life is life class. It's we're in a school. And we either rise to the occasion of the challenges that are being presented our way or we don't. But in organizations, we must create a safe place for people to be human. If we want ingenuity, creativity, innovation and the performance, and all of the KPIs that leaders and organizations, and shareholders value then we must take care of the people that are generating it.

What is Synergistic Consulting?

Intune Collective offers Synergistic Consulting which really embodies the way we work. What makes this so special is all of us on our leadership team can flow between, who do we need to be in order to support our client in the moment between human coaching development and business pragmatic solution, it's like an infinity loop right to go and flow between those two areas coaching, and consulting, to be able to give people what they need and the time because there are real tangible business things that need to be done clearly. What often happens where we run into situations or more often than not, leaders, teams that come up against personal or collective resistance, or dynamics that cause an impasse or a stagnation in the system. So we are able to go in and help them understand, coach them to help them develop their own skill sets of awareness so that they're able to see and unlock some of that resistance in order for growth and progress to occur on a regular basis. We're flowing in the synergistic consulting approach between developing the human and the team capacity with also the system capacity.

Successful CEO Transformations

The most successful transformations are when CEOs are awake enough to know that their leaders are not united around them and there is a problem and that we all if we're in the position of leading an organization, need to have our eyes and ears open enough to go, am I being the CEO? Am I being the person, the leader that this organization needs that this leadership team needs? If I'm not what do I need to do in order to make that happen?

We do see tangible and financial reward out of the investment in human capacity building, it happens over and over again ~ Christine Hildebrand

Tell us about The Possibility Summit

At the Possibilities Summit, we do synergistic consulting at this two-day virtual leadership team off-site, where we facilitate an experience for our leadership team to address their immediate business challenges as well as integrate learning and development in one experience. Out of this time together, they will have clarified North Star, skills and tools to expand their capacity not only as individual leaders but how they operate and collaborate as a unit as a team. And then also have roadmaps for how they can proceed with whatever they're working on from a business development standpoint, whether that be clarified OKRs for the year, whether that be a runway of a particular product or division rollout, whatever it is the possibility summit brings together the business challenges as well as the leadership team and individual leader opportunities for growth,

The Business of Being Human Podcast

The Business of Being Human Podcast

The business of being human focuses on what it means to be human in this time, and what is required for humanity in business, in order for it to thrive and what the role of businesses we feel in our world, unlike any other enterprise, whether it be governmental or religious, or any other institution or organization. Commerce has the most power to change, quickly adapt, and has the resources to impact a ton of people, whether that be inside the organization or in the communities and in the marketplace that companies serve.

We definitely feel that emphasis on empowering organizations to do the right thing to advance leadership's capacity to create more positive change and impact in the world.

We are hoping that through this podcast that we share ideas and insights, and invite conversation and sharing of ideas that empower people to do that.

The Business of Being Human Podcast rightfully places humanity at the center of business.

WomXn of Color Empower Hour

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About Intune Collective

Intune Collective is a human transformation and business development company, offering synergistic consulting, igniting consciousness and capacity linked to performance in leaders, teams, and organizations.

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