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How to Negotiate and Land the Right Deal for You

Tips and Strategies to increase your odds of winning and landing the perfect deal

Christine Joy Luck Sarno is no stranger to Kick in the Yes - she was on our show before and gave us great tips and advice on our value, our worth and how to get it. She is a personal development and business coach, a savvy sales strategist, negotiator and deal closer so who better to chat with on this subject. Christine and Lisa talk at great length about how to get in a place of winning, a place of power and strength when it comes to negotiation and getting the deal we want.

One of my favorite expressions is that a very important and effective powerful arrow in your quiver can be the other partners Achilles heel.

Christine Joy Luck Sarno
Christine Joy Luck Sarno Shares Tips and Strategies | How To Negotiate And Land The Right Deal For You

This episode of Kick in the Yes will put you in a place of power, a place of winning and a place of strength:

Importance of Doing your Homework and Research

How To Get Noticed, Remembered and Recalled The Vetting Process

Strengthening Our Negotiation Skills before, during and after

What to do if they come under?

How to go into a meeting without that blind date feeling

Know mindset and ego come into play and what to do about it

Creating Leverage

How to negotiate Like a Ninja

When and where silence becomes power

What special technique can you share with us that will help us negotiate like a ninja?

Create space for silence. Silence is power. It is so important because in a negotiation process, what it does is it implies confidence. You don't have to say I'm, I'm confident, it already implies confidence. You're putting yourself in a position now where you're ready to listen. You're basically sharing through body language that you're ready for. feedback, right? And it puts the ball in the other person's court. It's telling them now it's your turn to tell me what you're thinking what your feedback is really interesting because what it does, it puts you in a position of power, you are now waiting for a response,

About Christine Joy Luck Sarno

Christine Joy Luck Sarno is a personal development and business coach, a savvy sales strategist, negotiator, and deal closer.

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