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Life After 15 Years with Bravo!

Layoffs, Aging Out and What's Next!

Joe Chaffee
Joe Chaffee, Talks about Life after Bravo!

Having to figure out what’s next after a long career with the same company is stressful and overwhelming. Imagine walking into work and being told: “due to consolidation, we no longer need your services.” Shocked, horrified and wondering OMG what’s next! In this episode, I’ll talk with Joe Chafee, a 15 year veteran with NBC/Universal and talk about aging out, layoffs and what life is like after Bravo!

He has 20+ years of experience in post-production for major studio clients and motion picture facilities. He started with Bravo in 2003 and has worked on some of the most popular shows that exist today: The Real Housewives franchise, Top Chef, Queer Eye for The Straight Guy and even Keeping Up with the Kardashians on the E Network.

In the interview, we’ll find out what life is like after Bravo, and Joe will share his story and advice on how to deal with the pain that follows the news you no longer have a job. Tune in to find out why there’s no such thing as aging out after a long career and there is a life after layoffs.

Topics Discussed in this episode:

How to Recover from Layoffs

Lessons Learned Along the Way

Tips and Advice on How to Move Forward


“Always find a resource where you can obtain the low down of what’s going on in your industry.”

“Always establish meaningful relationships because you never know when you might need support in the future.”

“Always have a plan B & C and be prepared for change because you never know.”

Tips and Advice

Keep Moving Forward Establish Meaningful Relationships

Pay it Forward

Come from a place of YES and ask for help.

Have a Plan B and C

Be Prepared for the Unknown

Save. Save. Save.

Experience equals value.

Embrace your side hustle and hobby

Reinvent Yourself

Aging out, what’s that! You’ll never age out as long as you keep learning.

About Joe Chaffee

He’s the guy that makes this podcast sound great!

Joe is an organized, efficient and solution-oriented individual with 20+ years of experience in post-production for major studio clients and motion picture facilities. Both technical and creative, his experience derives from an array of roles - an expert in non-linear video editing systems, digital media workflows and a knack for delivering the highest quality products.

Joe has now taken on Podcasting as his new medium and looks forward to creating quality shows.

Podcast Editor, Kick in the Yes Podcast



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