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The Millionaire in Flip Flops Changing Lives

Meet Sue Cooper, a successful entrepreneur, author, mindset coach, and business consultant.  

In this episode, we will chat with Sue and discuss her latest book "The Lazy Dog Way” Building a Business, Brand, and Life."

In 1997,  she quit her corporate job to follow her dream of living on an island and opening a business where she could work outside and work with her friends.  Twenty years later she is running a multi-million dollar business.  


I've always believed that if you want doesn't exist, create it.  Don't settle for what's out there. ~ Sue Cooper


Here's a sneak peek at what you'll learn from this episode:

Importance of Self Care Mindset Matters Start Taking Action Why Yes is A Game Changer You First


Sue Cooper is the owner of Lazy Dog Adventures in Key West, Florida, author of Millionaire in Flip Flops, Mindset Coach and a Multi-7 Figure business leader. 

"Sue Cooper and Jax the Dog, are two of my favorite people in KeyWest these days. Not only can she paddle, she can write too." - Jimmy Buffett

Sue’s book is a game-changer and will provide you with motivation, deep inspiration, and specific action plans to live the millionaire in flip-flops lifestyle.” - Jesse Itzler, entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author, Living With A Seal. 

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