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What it's all about!

My name is Lisa Malcom, and I'm the host of Kick in the Yes Podcast. The show features real stories of success in life, love, and business and in the first episode, I will tell you a little bit about me and let you know why I started the show and what to expect in the upcoming episodes. 

Get ready to be inspired and meet the risk-takers, change-makers, entrepreneurs, go-getters and the people who are making it happen by living their best life by doing what they love.  In the last nine years of running my own business, I have met some amazing people and I'll be talking with some of them.

There's a lot of noise out there and I just wanted to spread a little sunshine and a ton of inspiration your way. It's time to knock out the no and tune in to success, just kick in the yes!

What it's all about! Welcome to Kick in the Yes Podcast

At the end of each episode, I'll make sure you will walk away with tips and tools that just might help you on your personal journey of growth in business and life. 


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