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Your Value, Your Worth and How to Get it

Christine Joy Luck Sarno
Know Your Value, Know your Worth, a conversation with Christine Joy Luck Sarno

In this episode, I’ll talk with personal development and business strategist, Christine Sarno, about your worth, your value and how to get it.  

Getting ready to go to the negotiation table or putting a proposal together and wondering how to get past the doubt and go after what you want? Christine will share her tips, advice, and hacks on how to become fierce and confident and get comfortable with knowing how to get what you want and understand your value and worth. 

It’s time to knock out the no and kick in the yes with a little help from our friend Christine Joy Luck Sarno, wingwoman to your success. 

Find out the Hacks to Keep You Fierce

  1. Know your non-negotiable and channel your inner fierce. A special mental and emotional hack to stay energetically confident - I use is channeling my love and protective nature - so I think of my kids.

  2. Don’t apologize for what it is that you want. Take the apology out of your preface to your responses. Say bye-bye to I’m sorry.

  3. It’s ok to take a pass if it doesn’t serve you or meet your requirements.

About Christine Joy Luck Sarno

​A proven sales strategist, savvy negotiator, deal closer and skilled problem-solver, Christine can sift through the clutter to catalyze a clear, effective strategy, and help any client solve their largest, most pressing challenges.

She is a strategist and career mentor, helping others identify what’s truly preventing them from finding success, and teaching them how to face the fear with self-empowerment.

She is your wingwoman to success offering tips, advice, and hacks to help get you to that place where you know your value and worth.

How to get in touch with Christine Joy Luck Sarno


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