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How to get Clarity of Purpose

Are you currently in the process of trying to figure out your next, maybe a little stuck on the direction you want to take? In this episode, I'll talk with Keltie Maguire, a clarity coach who helps individuals get clarity and take action in both business and life.

It’s time to kick in the yes and find out how to get clarity of purpose and take action on it.

Clarity is really only so valuable as long as we do something about it and taking action is actually where we figure out the particulars of how it all comes together and it’s where we make it happen.

Clarity is a process. Get to the core of it and define what life you want to build. Know what's non-negotiable. Don't follow anybody else's script. Once you're clear on purpose and goals, you must take action

Tips for Getting Clear on Purpose

1. Ask yourself, when do I feel most energized? What brings me to life? When do I feel excited?

2. Take a look at what comes naturally to you. And also what comes easily to you. By looking at the things that come naturally to you, you can work out how you can leverage that in the context of a business or your life broadly speaking, and that can also help you drive towards your purpose.

3. Ask yourself, what do people thank me for Or what makes me unique? Those things that stand out for people and that they thank you for and that really differentiate you can, again, be something that you can leverage and that probably connects to your purpose.

4. Substitute passion for curiosity. What are you curious about, what piques your interest? Is there a subject you're interested in? Ask yourself these questions and explore your curiosities.

5. Take Action. Just get out there and take a step, test drive your idea. If you are just sitting there and thinking, what is my purpose, and you don't do anything about it - it's not going to help you uncover anything. Take some kind of action.

Find out how you can gain more clarity and direction in all areas of your life and learn about the 100 Days of Clarity and how you can be part of it.

100 Days of Clarity Project

Keltie is offering 100 Complimentary 20 Minute Clarity Sessions to 100 people.

This project ends in February 2020. Take advantage of this opportunity and schedule your complimentary clarity session today.

Whatever it is that you have been thinking about dreaming about scheming about wondering about, just go out and do it. Like, I just feel like I want to light that fire under people. Because whatever it is, if it's a big move you want to make if it's a business you want to start if it's a relationship with that you want to pursue, no matter how it works out, you will never regret having just gone out and gone for it. ~ Keltie Maguire

About Keltie Maguire

Keltie has over 15 years of experience working with companies of all shapes and sizes as a sales executive, plus first-hand knowledge of the ins and outs of running a business - first as a jewelry designer, and now, as a coach.

Her professional experience, coupled with her natural intuitiveness, curiosity, and background in psychology has helped her develop a unique ability to help others cut through the confusion and find direction.

How to Connect with Keltie Maguire

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As a clarity coach, Keltie Maguire can help you with your own clarity journey so you can uncover greater direction in your business and life.

Here's how you can connect with her:


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