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What It Takes To Be A Great Leader

Why Company Culture Matters and How I Became a Great Leader Because of it.


In this episode, I'll talk with author and editor Mandy Miles about her leadership role today and the journey to getting a seat at the table, the importance of company culture, knowing your value and loyalty in the workplace. We'll also dive into conversations about the frustrations we experience when the people we work for just aren’t paying attention.

Did you ever wonder what it takes to become a great boss or leader?

"Managers work to see numbers grow. Leaders work to see people grow. " ~ Simon Sinek

Mandy knows how important it is to value your staff and how much a simple but sincere, "thank you" can mean to a good employee.

Topics Discussed:

How I learned to be a great leader

Importance of Company Culture

Loyalty, Value and Getting a Seat at the Table

Why you need a workout buddy.

Show your best, do your best, be your best because somebody is paying attention.

Knowing when it's time to go and grow

How to find opportunities

Knowing Yes You Can

More about Mandy Miles:

Mandy has been living in and writing about Key West, Fla. since 1998.

After working for 22 years as a reporter and columnist with a daily newspaper, she made a leap three months ago, in October 2019, at 43 years old, and accepted an offer to become editor of the locally owned Key West Weekly newspaper.

Mandy Miles, Editor of the Key West Weekly Newspaper

She's lives in Old Town Key West with her husband, Capt. Stan Miles, a longtime charter fishing captain.


Key West Dos and Don'ts: 100 Ways to Look Like a Local

(Local Dos and Donts) (Volume 1) . Available on Amazon.

More of Mandy Miles' Tan Lines: Only in Key West: A hilarious look at island living and life in general Available on Amazon.


Mandy, Miles Editor, Key West Keys Weekly Newspapers

Miles to Go is Mandy Miles Weekly Column in the Keys Weekly Newspapers

Contact Mandy Email:


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